Nový život, nový blog...

Sice to chvíli trvalo, ale nakonec se mi to povedlo: přesvědčil jsem svého šéfa, aby taky napsal na blog. Wojciech je zástupcem generálního ředitele, přišel k nám z polské mBank a spadá pod něj marketing a produkty. Poprosil jsem ho ale, aby zkusil napsat spíše něco osobního - o životě cizince v Praze. Výsledek? Posuďte sami. Tentokrát anglicky - a doufám, že Wojtek bude psát pravidelně (a já budu muset sepsat ten svůj seznam projektů!).

I am writing this because it seems this is the only way to make Adam write down his individual tasks for the year. My own team member is actually blackmailing me into writing a blog, can you believe it? Not that I don't like the idea of a blog - on the contrary, I already had one. It wasn't exactly a piece of literature though.

I was starting to write something for mBank’s blog couple of times, but it came out lame everytime. I guess it was a kind of writting therapy for me. You know when you move to a new country, start a new job, learn a new language, embark on a new life - there are many things that are just simply bound to go wrong. So all my attempts to write the first entry finished like some monologues of a psychoanalyst patient.

Starting a new life in Prague is quite exciting. The expat community here is vibrant, people speak English well enough (maybe except the Foreign Police… paradoxically). Everybody is hospitable, but perhaps they are just simply amused by my attempts to speak Czech – which is often welcomed with a lot of respect and gentle humour. I am still making terrible mistakes, since our languages have some very bad traps, and some nouns and verbs mean opposite things too often… and when you arrive in a new country you know that you will „search“ for many new things…

Anyway, Adam here you go. Now you don't have a choice but give me what you owe me. I will write more next week (now that I committed in public I don’t have a choice).

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